Basentabs 100 Tabs

by Pascoe

Acid-base balance plays an important role in an individual’s overall health. If the body produces more acid metabolic waste products than can be neutralized or excreted, hyperacidity of the body will result in the long term. If the acid-base balance is disturbed, the optimal functioning of the body will be impaired. Thus, the body resorts to mechanisms to counteract this imbalance. The body primarily deposits all acids in connective tissue then releases and excretes them when sufficient alkaline mineral salts are available again in the blood. When there is extensive lack of alkaline mineral salts and continuous hyperacidity the body resorts to using its own minerals, such as calcium from the bones, which then can result in osteoporosis.

Minerals not only play an important role in keeping muscles, bones and cells in a healthy condition but also help the body maintain its acid-base balance. The body cannot produce minerals on its own; rather they must be consumed via food. The Canada Food Guide recommends 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to meet the needs of the acid-base equilibrium in our body. Higher intakes of acidifying foods (e.g. meat, fish, cheese, sausage), stress, allopathic drugs, insufficient alkalinizing food (e.g. fruits, vegetables), and insufficient physical exercise and insufficient fresh air have negative influences on the acid-base balance, which results in hyperacidity.

The BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® formula is based on the recommendations of Friedrich F. Sander, a pioneer in the field of hyperacidity. The ingredients of BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® tablets have been optimized with regard to mineral balance according to the latest research. It contains basic magnesium carbonate, leading to high acid-binding capacity, in addition to Sander‘s original formulation.

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