North America Tart Cherry 120 VCaps

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Nutridom Premium Tart Cherry is the first tart cherry capsule product in Canada. It is easy to swallow, and if you like the health benefit but not the sour taste, this product is perfect for you. We only use Montmorency tart cherry, a special kind of tart cherries only grown in Michigan and Wisconsin. Montmorency tart cherry is the most frequently studied types of cherry among researchers for health benefit. The skin of the tart cherry contains most of the vital antioxidants. As compared to black cherry which you normally find in your local grocery store, tart cherry is a powerful superfruit which gives you a lot more health benefits. While black cherry is sweeter and richer in carbohydrate, tart cherry is higher in potassium and iron. Tart cherry also has the upper hand when it comes to anthocyanin content, with concentration three times that of black cherry. Anthocyanin offers you inflammation-fighting strength and protection from oxidative stress. For this reason, many researchers are now conducting clinical trials on the benefit of tart cherry.

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Good and fast

Good and fast

Progressive multi chewables

This is an excellent product for a great price-thank you.

Fair Price and delivery time.

We ordered a variety of teas from Nutrition Junction. Originally just wanted a few packets of decaf, which we go through like crazy, but were only allowed a certain quantity. So bought a few different to make it enough for free shipping.
Price is fair, shipping was free with a minimum, and goods arrived within promised delivery time.
Will order again.

product and service were excellent

Amazing prices and fast delivery

Best prices for professional line naturopathic supplements. Huge discounts all the time. Efficient delivery. Support this local Canadian business!