Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil 7.4ml

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  • No Synthetic Colors or Fragrances
  • GC/MS Tested for Purity

product overview

Reminiscent of fresh aromas of the Mediterranean, sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) essential oil offers many of the same soothing benefits of lavender without the potent floral aroma. Instead, its aroma is gentle, sweet and herbaceous.

Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil comes from Egypt. It is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves, stems and flowers.

What’s the difference between organic sweet marjoram essential oil and conventional sweet marjoram essential oil?Organic essential oils differ from conventional oils in that the botanicals from which they are derived are grown according to the USDA’s Organic Standards. Our manufacturing facility and all of our organic essential oils have also been certified organic by the established third-party certifier, Quality Assurance International (QAI). This item is not available for expedited shipping and must be shipped via ground service.

product features

  • Soothing, warming and relaxing, sweet marjoram essential oil is comprised mainly of the constituents sabinene, a-terpinene, y-terpinene, p-cymene, terpinolene and linalool.
  • Good for the body and mind, sweet marjoram is useful for body and massage oils as well as perfumes, steam diffusions, and room sprays and diffusions. Its calming properties make it great for evening and nighttime.
  • Sweet marjoram essential oil blends well with basil, bergamot, black pepper, cedarwood, chamomile, lavender, orange and peppermint.
  • Sweet marjoram is generally considered a middle note.

origin Egypt


There are so many ways to use essential oils! The above suggested uses are just an introduction to a wide variety of quick tips and recipes available on Because essential oils are highly concentrated, we recommend diluting them in a carrier product like skin care oil, water, unscented lotion or unscented liquid soap. Follow this guide for safe, effective use.

suggested uses

Quick Tip: Place 18 drops in a room diffuser.
Recipe: Sweet Marjoram Roll-on Ingredients:
4 drops Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
2 teaspoons Aura Cacia Organic Jojoba Oil
.31-ounce Aura Cacia Amber Glass Roll-on Bottle
In bottle, combine oils. Replace lid, shake until well blended, then roll onto pulse points on wrists, neck and inside elbows.

Botanical Name: 
Origanum majorana 

Ingredients: Origanum majorana (sweet majoram) oil

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