TNT Plus 60 Caps

  • Skin itching relief
  • Diuretic and fluid-balancing
  • Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and libido-booster
  • Used in Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and modern herbal medicines

Tribulus terrestris is an annual plant, widely distributed around the world. It grows in dry climates, where fewer other plants can survive. It has many common names, including puncture vine and is often referred to as an invasive species or noxious weed, partially due to its thumbtack-like burs. 

It has been used for many centuries in both the Indian and Chinese systems of medicine for treatment of a variety of ailments. It contains many important plant chemicals, including flavonoids, flavonol glycosides, steroidal saponins and alkaloids, that assist with its wide scope of uses.

Specifically in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Tribulus terrestris is used:

  • To calm the Liver and anchor the yang
  • For headache, vertigo or dizziness related to excess liver yang
  • To dispel wind
  • To stop itching with any kind of skin lesion such as hives
  • To improve red, swollen and painful eyes; used to increase tearing; improve vision
  • For pain and distention in chest,
  • For irregular menstruation and insufficient lactation

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